Printable Weight Loss Charts for Calorie Counting

Printable weight loss charts are a great help for the one who wants to lose weight in an organized manner. You can chart and print out almost anything, from your goals and the daily progress in attaining them, to your meals list, detailed by foods, weights and their content of calories and nutritive substances.

This is another kind of printable weight loss charts which you could use, in case you follow the counting calories principle for losing weight: make a schedule of your daily meals, stating the total number of calories you are going to eat at each meal, so that you come the the daily total calories which you aim to consume. Then, spread those calories across the 4-5 meals of the day, then choose your foods, making sure to combine them tastefully and according to the meals. for instance, breakfast should be the biggest meal of the day, so schedule almost half of your total daily calories intake to happen at breakfast. The dinner must be light, so make your food choices accordingly.

If you don't know how many calories each type of food contains, you can read the labels, where in most of the cases you'll find this information. Once you are set for one day with your diet, repeat the process for the rest of the week, making sure to alternate foods, in order not too become too boring.

That's it. Print your weight loss chart, stick it on the wall, and make sure to respect it.

How To Make Your Own Printable Weight Loss Charts

Printable weight loss charts can be a good help in keeping track of your weight loss diets or other type of programs, both for motivation and for the logistic of the whole process. Only imagine if you need to eat a certain number of calories at each meal, to get a balanced intake of proteins, carbs and glucose each day, to make sure not to mix some foods with others at the same meal... I think you're lost already in the weight loss and alternative cures forest, so you could definitely use a weight loss guide to help you through all these.

Let's take a look at what kind of printable support we can produce to make our life easier when trying to get rid of extra pounds in the benefit of our health and well-being.

The Simplest Printable Weight Loss Charts

One of the simplest charts for tracking your weight losing progress is the one in which all you care about is your daily weight. Any spreadsheet program is suitable: Google Spreadsheets, Microsoft Excel, Open Office... In any of these programs you create a table with two columns: column one is the date and column two is the weight.

Then you adjust the printing options until you like how it looks like on the screen, print it and use it. You can even produce a graph, if for each day you put a dot on a chart with two axes: the x axis would be the date, while the y axis would be the weight. In time, this chart would show a trend of your weight decreasing over time, so you can visualize how steep or how show your weight loss progress curve was.

This is not at all complicated, and you will quickly develop the habit of updating your weight loss chart, once you got it in printable form. You can stick it on your fridge door, so every time you feel like breaking your weight loss program, it would remind you that's not the wisest thing to do.

Last but not least, don't forget that like in any other project, you need to set weight loss goals if you want to be able to benchmark your progress and keep motivated, be it you go for a natural weight loss process or for some restrictive program. This is a video of an example of fitness exercise equipment, that shows you an example of setting weight loss goals, which you can translate on your printable weight loss charts for an easy weight loss: